Wednesday, 29 December 2010


It has been seven months since my last post.... Sincere apologies, but the one and only resolution I will make this New Year, will be to keep my blog ticking! This is all thanks to the wonderful Messy Carla who convinced me to do so last night at our friend Natalie's annual gathering. I love the party every year, it's unbelievable that we all parted ways at the end of school/sixth form and yet still meet up five years later and fit straight back in to place even though for some of us, this is the only night in the entire year that we see any of the group.

As I have said, my New Year's Resolution is to pick up the laptop and start again with the blog, but before I delve straight back in, I thought I'd take the time to review the year, not so much as a news article but my opinions on the important things in life.... music/TV/films/fashions/New Makeup.... so here it is....

Sarah-May's year - 2010

My Favourite songs of 2010 are of course most people's favourite songs of 2010 I imagine. The first being Magnetic Man - I Need Air. I think British music has taken a bizarre but amazing turn this past year with the introduction of Commercial Dub Step, and I honestly do think that British music is one of the best scenes in the world right now, with artistes such as Tinie Tempah, and Cheryl Cole, an the opposite end fo the spectrum with artistes like Imelda May, the world of British Music has improved an infinite amount since the last time we monopolized the music scene with 5ive, Spice Girls etc.
The second song I am just going to have to mention would be Cee Lo Green - Forget You. Do I have to say anything about it??? I think not!

My Favourite Films this year have definitely been a mixed bunch!
I am a sucker for a good action film, and give me something in which Bruce Willis, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich, and Morgan Freeman star about retired Spies.... I was glued to the screen. Of course I'm talking about RED.
Predators was also an awesome film. I forced Libby to see it with me, even though she's not a fan of creepy murderous aliens clad in metal as I am. I loved every second of it, brilliant film.
The A Team, as a stand alone film, completely aside from the original series is a fantastic film. You can't help but compare it, but it is hilarious, and filled with massive explosions... awesome!
I also have a penchant for children's films, so I really enjoyed How to Train Your Dragon, Toy Story 3, and The Princess and the Frog particularly floated my boat.

My Favourite TV this year, as many others will probably agree, has consisted mainly of Glee. The exciteable American Teenagers, cheerily singing huge hits always with a very gay aura surrounding them has just been must-watch for me. Made one million times better by the character of Sue Sylvester played by the amazing Jane Lynch, she has me craving her scenes every single episode!
Nigella Lawson has been a staple part of our evening television diet. I just can't get enough of her pout, the way she witters on like a mad woman, and of course the food!

One of my favourite fashion items this year has been the drop crotch jean. Sadly this is an item that I can not wear on my body form. Vivienne Westwood has crept in to my life, aggressively and full of fabulousness! Everything about the woman's designs just makes me happy!

I hope I didn't bore you to death! I would really love to hear what your favourite parts of 2010 were, and your resolutions if you've made any at all!

Love you all an have a wonderful New Year!



Thursday, 8 April 2010

Hello Sailor!

Of course we all know that nautical is in this summer, and if you know me, you also know that I have been obsessed with anything nautical for years what better time to do some fabby nautical makeup???!

 So yeah, anything with anchors or compasses and I'm happy... you can't really tell from looking at this picture but the compass and the anchor are both glittery. XD

Aldo... though it's not strictly makeup... I had to show you the colour fo this FABULOUS nail varnish we got the other day!!!!

What a fabulous mint green... tying in perfectly with the pastel shades to wear this summer.... aaaaand if you want to win this brill Barry M nail varnish, have a look at the competition my friend messy carla is running on her blog (link under 'messy carla') and you could win it plus loads of other really really cool stuff!



Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Lush Colour Supplement

As promised, I have got myself a jar of Lush's new Colour Supplement in 'light yellow', even though the shop assistant suggested light pink, when I KNOW that I have a yellow tone to my skin.... (sorry it just irritated me a little bit).... I'm not going to go against the wisdom of a MAC Artiste and change my colour because a Lush Shop Assistant told me to.... I do love Lush however, and the assistant agreed with me once I had tested both the light yellow and light pink.
Anyway.... what a bizarre product!!!!

I knew I would have to play around with it to ensure that I used it correctly. You can use this base neat or by mixing it with moisturiser.... what they don't tell you is that you have to get the consistency perfect for it to even make a difference to your skin. What I mean by this is, I mixed it 50/50 with a very good moisturiser (Aveeno) and started to apply it to my face.... it was almost as if it had turned from a liquid to a mousse foundation but it refused to go on my skin and instead, rolled up in to little balls and crumbled in my hand.... maybe a Lush moisturiser is what is needed? hmmm..... 

Try again.... This time I tried (despite my first wishes) by mixing it 70/30 moisturiser being the 70... I might as well have been wearing no foundation whatsoever.... I tried building it, and sadly, it would not build, instead it just moved around my face. *sigh* Third time lucky?

In fact, it was third time lucky. I used it neat. It felt light on my face, was a very even coverage which was buildable, and despite the fact that it looked slightly darker than I had originally thought, it seemed to not dry as such but change colour so that it was lighter on my face. I took some pictures, and I am wearing as little eye makeup as possible as to not distract from the base, and I am wearing concealer and a powder over the top... but here it is....

This is probably the least makeup you will ever see me ut on here lol but yeah, to conclude as far as I can tell at the moment, the Lush Colour Supplement is quite good. :) I would suggest to anyone thinking of buying it to play around with it first and to go with the colour you think will suit you, not what the lush advisors are trained to tell you will suit you.


Saturday, 27 March 2010


Lush Labs have just created Foundation!

It has been designed to be used as a foundation alone or with a moisturiser as a tint! I will have to try this out!!!!! I'M SOOOOO EXCITED ABOUT THIS!

Collection 2000

I remember years ago... when I had just started wearing makeup... I used to get Collection 2000 (have a look here!) because it was the cheapest makeup line (other than Miss Sporty) that Boots had. Until recently, I hadn't bothered buying it, because quite frankly, cheap=a bit rubbish....



Imagine my surprise when I decided to buy a liquid eye-liner, a couple of mascaras, and get the free eye palette that came with it from Collection 2000, and it was actually.... wow! Why haven't I been buying this all my life?! I'm speaking, of course, more about this eye palette... the colours? Amazing! They don't lose their brightness on your skin, and they feel fabulous! They glide on! Honestly, if I had been told that these eye shadows were UD, I would totally have believed it!

Anyway, the palette I received free was named 'Poptastic' and looks like this....
only the colours are much brighter than on this picture.
I decided to try some of them out for an interesting look and chose:
The yellow at the top, the green/yellow second row, the green on bottom row and the blue in the middle of the second row.

The liquid eye liner used is also collection 2000 and I'm wearing 'longer lash' mascara and 'collagen curl' mascara also by Collection 2000.

I am definitely going to continue buying from this line! woop woop!


Thursday, 18 March 2010


Yes, tonight IS Zombie Night, and I have had so much fun creating a look for it, and now I'm going to share it with you! Apologies for the photos, but Lib's taken the camera that I know how to work away with her to Glasgow....

Yeah so when I get my costume on I'll be a Zombie Sailor Pin-up girl, and I'll take more pictures once the blood is on! woop woop! 


Sunday, 14 March 2010

we've been expecting you!

Good afternoon lovelies!

After going to see Alice in Wonderland last week, and being completely taken aback by the makeup and the just down right fabulousness of it all, I decided to do a post on Alice In Wonderland makeup....

The first in the series is of course, the man who stole the show, The Mad Hatter.

what fabulously creepy makeup....

and here's my attempt...
complete with white eye lashes!

I would seriously consider doing this makeup for fancy dress sometime... if only it didn't make my nose look so big!!!! haha.

Really enjoyed doing it though, hopefully the next one will be as good, and kee you eyes peeled later this week for my fabulous Zombie Pin Up Girl makeup for Zombie night at work!